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New - Restorative Yoga Package

Restorative yoga is a series of restful poses supported by yoga props such as blankets, blocks, and/or bolsters.  It is suitable for all abilities and levels and can address stress, exhaustion, and a variety of health concerns to increase overall well-being. This offering is customized to the needs of each individual and designed to give them the tools to access and practice restorative yoga independently.

Pricing is based on number and location of sessions.  If desired, Lisa can assist each person in sourcing yoga props and accessories as needed.

A sample $375 package includes a free 15-minute consultation and four 75-minute in-studio sessions, gift certificates are also available.  Please inquire directly to schedule.



Trying to balance home, children, and a career in health care has taken a toll on my health.  After an exhaustive dive into traditional medicine, I decided to try yoga to address my stress, chronic pain, and other health issues.  After six sessions with Lisa, my wellbeing has increased dramatically.  I have less migraines, less pain, and increased energy and mobility.  I am now a believer in restorative yoga and can use different poses on my own when needed. I highly recommend this to all. – Jess S., RN

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