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Lisa spent many years as an adjunct faculty and staff member at Rochester Institute of Technology.  She was a secondary instructor as part of the Executive MBA program, Saunders College of Business; providing on-going support for busy executives as they juggled advancing careers and rigorous course work.  Additionally, Lisa supported new and returning students in the Spectrum Support program navigate both academic and social aspects of college life. 


Lisa has completed the Innovations in Employment Supports Series for Independent Job Coaching and has worked diligently to develop current and creative programs for individuals living with autism and their families in the Rochester community.


Coaching sessions are customized to meet the needs of the individual and can include goal setting, time/task management, resume writing/interview skills as well as job specific development and proficiency at an individual’s work site.


Coaching Rates:  Students:            $65/session

                             Professionals    $100/session

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